Top 5 Innovations and Ideas of the Year

1. Nerdalize, a friendly solution to heat generated by the data servers


Nerdalize - best business ideas

As the digital world continues to grow by leaps and bounds every day, it is important to remember that all information must be stored somewhere, so a major growth industry in recent years is the construction of data centers. The problem associated with this trend is that these data centers often spend lots of money trying to regulate the temperature due to heat generated by the data servers.

Nerdalize is a Dutch company that came up with an interesting and friendly solution to this problem. The company offers individual data servers to be placed in homes so that they can take advantage of free heat generated. Nerdalize is responsible for paying the costs of energy consumption by the server.

With this solution Nerdalize seeks to eliminate the costs of regulating the temperature in data centers, eliminating the costs and waste generated by the heaters traditionally used by households and offer storage services in the most economical cloud through energy efficiency.

More information: Nerdalize

2. Museums that offer personalized experiences to people with physical disabilities


3D Prado Museum

The Prado Museum in Madrid decided to create six replicas of famous paintings in 3D, so that visitors could explore visually impaired through touch. Moreover, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago offers free special glasses for colorblind people can appreciate works full color.

But that is not all. Also during the past year saw other innovations around the trend of customizing user experiences. Muzeums is a mobile application that helps museums offer guided tours customized according visitor profile, so each person can choose different modes of experience, including tour guides and interactive social games to suit the learning style of each.

Meanwhile, the BBC surprised us with the release of Visual Perceptive Media , a short film showing different versions according to the preferences of the viewer. The film uses data collected through a mobile application to build a user profile and preferences according to your music collection and some questions about their personality, age and gender. This information is then used to shape aspects of the film, including the story, characters and music.

3. Glia, an application that connects buyers with companies aligned with its values and principles


Glia - best business ideas

Thanks to Glia users can examine the social, political and economic values of the companies of their environment, enabling them to support those organizations that share their principles and beliefs. An interesting tool if we consider that the modern consumer increasingly more interested in buying companies that are ethical and responsible .

Greenease is a similar application Glia , but oriented restaurants. Through it users can know if a restaurant has friendly practices with the environment, if the dishes are locally sourced, where the ingredients used are organic, etc. Moreover, CareerLabs allows job seekers to filter their job offers according to the politics and culture of a company.

Another important innovation for the retail trade is Physical Cookie , a digital key that performs the same function as the “Cookies” on the Internet, that is, while the user carries the device, it will gather information about their commercial and behavior practices. The findings generated from information collected by Physical Cookie are sent to stores via electronic readers. The system learns usage data and make personlizadas messages and offers displayed to the consumer on the screens inside the store in real time.

Undoubtedly, the principles, values and practices of a company will be a decisive factor buying in the coming years.

4. Amazon Dash Button, a tool to make your purchases with touch of a button


When Jeff Bezos said that “Amazon would be the company more customer – centric world” , he was serious.In March last year the company introduced the Amazon Dash Button , a product that aims to simplify the entire process of buying consumer products. The idea of Amaz√≥n is that ubiques the button at the most convenient place and every time you need to place an order, simply press the button and the order will be launched.

When you go to first use each you must configure and assign the appropriate product button. Each button can be assigned only one product.

Combine the convenience of e-commerce with the familiarity of the elements of the physical world, it seems to be a powerful recipe for success for the coming years. I have been able to find amazing best military watches

More information: Amazon Dash Button

5. Backie Amarillo, an initiative of Amsterdam which allows tourists enjoy a ride on the bike rack of a local resident


Yellow Backie

Backie Amarillo is an initiative of Amsterdam that encourages tourists to take the Dutch custom of “Backie” (get a ride in the trunk of a cyclist partner).

To participate, visitors must be aware of the Backie drivers who cross the city on bicycles adorned with bright yellow trunk. When they find one, just they shout ‘Backie!’ To request a ride and jump on the back of the bicycle. Amsterdam residents can become a free Backie driver by applying the “Yellow Bike Store” , the company behind the initiative. Once accepted, drivers receive a yellow rack to install on their bikes.

The system allows tourists receive a free tour of the city and helps residents of Amsterdam to connect with people all over the world.

Other interesting innovations in sustainable travel are the roads of England that will have a special lane that allows wireless charging of electric vehicles while passing through there and mobile charging device that willallow drivers of electric cars in Ubitricity recharge their vehicles from the public light poles.

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