More Excellent inventions

7. temporary houses that can be moved from one place to another


Heijmans ONE

Heijmans UNO seeks to solve two problems in Amsterdam: urban abandoned or dilapidated and lack of affordable housing. Heijmans UNO are plants independent living which cost about 700 euros per month rent and are equipped with all the necessary basic services, including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and outdoor patio. The units can be installed on abandoned in less than a day, to give life to lots underserved areas. When the construction work is ready to start in those areas, the units can be removed as easily as they are installed, and transferred to a new site.

Another company that is betting the design of temporary houses that can move is Kasita , which makes nomadic lifestyle of its central feature. Kasita creates elegant and cozy buildings that are easy to build in small portions classified as undeveloped space. Users can move their “Kasita” to different places around the world making a request through the website of the company.

8. E-Nable, a global network of volunteers that helps children to get prosthetic hands



The 3D printing is one of the most promising technologies of our time and throughout this year interesting initiatives aimed to help those in need, for example, a UK company were created the first hand robot in the world that costs less than $ 1,000 thanks to 3D printing.

Moreover, E-Nable is a network that connects children and others who need prosthetic hands with designers and manufacturers who can produce thanks to 3D printing, thus achieving make a significant difference digital strategy consulting. Surely this year will see more innovations and developments around 3D printing.

9. LucidPipe a renewable energy generator that uses water flowing through pipes of a city


The aim of LucidPipe harvest renewable energy from low cost from water flowing through pipes of a city.LucidPipe can be installed on any system where the water flows down naturally by gravity, and every piece of LucidPipe It contains three small turbines that rotate in flowing water. The turbines are connected to a generator at the top of the pipe, allowing the production of hydroelectricity.

10. UAViators, a humanitarian network of drones



Drones certainly also deserve a mention in this top. UAViators humanitarian network created to harness the potential of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to assist in humanitarian disasters. It is a community of volunteers, united by their interest and experience drone, they are ready to help in times of crisis, and are willing to receive training and advice from support groups.

Drones can capture faster, cheaper and with higher resolution satellites aerial images, which makes it an excellent tool for communicating the lay of the land after hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters. They are also able to collect valuable information in real time to allow relief teams conduct damage assessments and decisions.

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